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RECORDING/PRODUCTION: A great place for creativity. Vocals, Live Instruments, Production Elements

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MIXING: Taking your raw recorded tracks and turning them into professional, polished mixes.

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MASTERING: Taking your final mixes and making them sound great on all systems and against other commercial music.

genre doesn’t matter, passion does

The sessions were a blast; Josh provided solid direction and opportunities for collaboration while recording vocals and guitars.
— Eric Bowman
Josh really helped me bring the vision of my songs to life...helping me in creating my own unique sound as an artist. He is extremely efficient with communication - which i’ve found is one of the hardest parts when working with a producer.
— Matt Mayer
Josh is a fabulous bass player, producer and songwriter. I’ve had the privilege of performing live and in his studio. He’s talented and easy to work with. I can’t recommend him enough!
— Lauren Chandler