I'm Josh Walker

The Audio Engineer and Music Producer behind One Fifty Media House.

I help MUSICIANS create GREAT music, build their career and get more of their music into the world.

Every day new music is released into the world and each day most of that new music is noise and is frequently ignored. But most music starts off as a good idea. The problem with those good ideas, is making those good songs.

The good news is that is what I’m passionate about doing. I want to help you get your music or project out into the world in a way you are proud of and excited about.

I dive deep into each project and get to the heart of what you’re trying to achieve. There is a way to make your music and your project unique and stand out from all the noise.  I want to help you truly bring out something unique and memorable.

I love working with musicians. These videos capture a few moments of me working in the studio. 

Here are a couple of fun, time-lapse videos!