Without Good Songs Production Is Nothing: (Songwriting for Connie Sue Tuck)

Recently, I was able to work for a client who is not only a client but also a part of our family. Connie Cassell Tuck (goes by “Connie Tuck” on iTunes) is a songwriter who lives in West Virginia. Connie is an experienced writer who penned a song that later became titled “Just What A Smile Can Bring.” I love working with lyricists and songwriters to help them take the words they have written and put music and melody to them.

New Single for Jeff Canada: Bystander

The music industry is a people industry. Connecting with people that want to make great music is part of the reason I love doing what I do. Often times my wife will joke about how I become really good friends with my clients because creating music together is an intimate process and the time spent together creatively can really lead to close friendships. This was, and still is, the case with Jeff Canada.

New Single for James Garland: Songwriting Is The Key

I have a long history with Country music. Growing up in south Houston, we grew up around one of the largest rodeos in the country. Therefore, in our family van, if we weren’t listening to contemporary Christian radio we were definitely listening to country. Back then it was artist like Garth Brooks, Clint Black and Brooks and Dunn, etc.

New EP for Ben and Nina Carpenter

Often times, as a songwriter or musician, the songs we create are first created in our mind. We have a vision for them far in advance to us actually booking studio time. Such was the case with Ben and Nina Carpenter. Well, Ben more than Nina. And if you know Ben and Nina, that’s funny, because Ben has never released music of his own and Nina has a history recording albums and even touring.

New EP for AJ Santana

Making music is pretty much my dream job. Making music with friends is pretty much...well, whatever is better than a dream job. AJ has a been a valued friend of Aaron and myself for a while, so when he came to us about recording a brand new acoustic EP, we were really excited. AJ’s vision for this EP was to create a collection of songs that really tapped into his singer-songwriter side.