Sarah Grace talks Songwriting and life after THE VOICE

Today is the start of a new adventure for me. The world of content.

I work with local Houston songwriters, musicians and rappers so I had to think about how to connect us all and how to share a network of knowledge. I am convinced we have so much to learn from each other. So I created a podcast (which is also a YouTube series) called “Songwriter Snack Time.”


Songwriter Snack Time is a show where I bring in an artist (one from Houston or based out of Houston) and we talk about the process of songwriting, performing live, making records and trying to build our careers as artists.

This very first episode we talk with Sarah Grace of Sarah Grace and the Soul. Sarah is most well known for being on Season 15 of The Voice but she is easily going to be more well-known for being an amazing artist in her own right on her own platform.

Her voice is amazing and songwriting is really good. She is in the process of making her first album with a whole slew of people. She is traveling constantly working with producers and engineers to find her sound for this first record.

We talk about life after The Voice, what it means to have such an awesome support system with her family, her songwriting process and what her favorite snack is (twizzlers!!).

It was a pleasure to chat with her. I was inspired and learned a ton myself as a songwriter/producer.

If you are a musician, songwriter or rapper in the Houston area and you need a place to record your music, and make your songs the best they can be, reach out to me, and fill out the free quote request form. I would love to hear from you. If you use the discount code “snack time” you will get 15% off our first project together.